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Great ideas to celebrate your 10th wedding anniversary
If you are reading this, chances are that you are about to complete 10 years of marriage. So, congratulations are certainly due. A decade of married life and togetherness certainly calls for celebration! How you celebrate this glorious occasion can certainly speak for the joy of being together, mutual admiration and love, the strength and durability of your relationship. Enjoy this milestone to the fullest! Alas, if only it was as easy to decide what gifts to give each other for your 10th wedding anniversary or the best way to celebrate. Obviously, you want to make it as memorable as possible. Though gift-giving and celebrations depend mainly on personal choice, here are some gift ideas and tips to have a memorable and wholesome celebration of you?re the 10th anniversary of your marriage.

Some gift ideas for a memorable 10th wedding anniversary

  • Tin or aluminum-made gifts: gift something made of these metals that symbolize flexibility, an indispensable ingredient for any successful marriage. The first 10 ten years is indeed the period when couples probably need to make the greatest adjustments. A successful marriage depends on how flexible and adjusting you are as a couple; durability of your marriage depends on how you can adapt yourself to the requirements of the marriage.
  • Gift jewelry which invariably goes well with an occasion like a wedding anniversary. Whether it is a a piece of exquisite diamond jewelry that epitomizes the strength of your marriage or a precious gemstone like blue sapphire, a piece of jewelry is certainly a great gift, particularly for the lady in the marriage. They say, the color blue is best suited for the 10th year?so make sure the occasion has some wrapping and trapping of blue in it!
  • Flowers, particularly daffodils are great for this particular anniversary as these flowers display cheerfulness and joy.
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Ideas to celebrate your 10th wedding anniversary
  • Enjoy a quiet evening together: If you prefer to celebrate your wedding anniversary with just the two of you for company (which is a great idea, by the way), book yourselves seats for an event, movie, theatre, concert or sporting event that both of you are likely to enjoy. Or, treat yourselves to a nice bottle of red wine or uncork a bottle of sparkling champagne!
  • Go down memory lane: As much as wedding anniversaries are for celebration, they are also a time for reflection and looking back. It?s flashback time! Put on the video or CD or your wedding and enjoy it together. Or, take out your wedding photo album and other photo albums from the course of these 10 years and flip through them, reliving each of those moments. Seeing yourselves having grown older together is bound to give you some goose bumps!
  • Rekindling the romance of youth: Remember the early days of your romance and marriage, when no special occasions were required to give one another cards, love notes and coupons, a romantic book or picture postcards? Well, what better time to do all of that than your 10th wedding anniversary? Put up surprise love notes, present a card with your handwritten note professing your joy, love and gratitude for your partner and so forth..
Apart from all the gifts and celebrations, what matters the most to have a rock-like-strong marriage are gentle, tender gestures like giving a good anniversary card to carry the personal message. A gentle touch or a warm hug with few words of appreciation can often do much more to embellish all the gifts and celebrations you may have lined up for the occasion.

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