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April Fools day's cool recipes
April fools day is all about playing pranks on others. There are many ways you can play tricks on dining table. Befool others with some delicious looking recipes on this All Fools Day.

Colorful cereal
Just before your family is going to have breakfast, get ready with some liquid color and spread it secretly at the bottom of a bowl. Cover it with dry cereals or some cornflakes. Let some one from the family pour milk or hot water in the bowl - a sure surprise is on the way!! Enjoy the reaction!!

Fake fruits for breakfast
For a wormy apple, you need something like a ball-point pen. Clear it of ink cartridge and wash it thoroughly. Now bore a hole in the apple and then carefully insert a gummy worm in the apple. Do not do it the night before as the worm might turn out mushy. Similarly, take an orange and carefully squeeze out some of its pulp with the help of a syringe. Once the pulp is taken out, insert some liquid color inside the orange. You may add some chilly in the liquid color to add more fun. Now place the fruits in such a way that people are bound to try them or else your efforts will go in vain.

Bake a meaty cake
Using your usual meatloaf recipe, bake the preparation in a cake pan. Use boiled and mashed potatoes for icing on the top. You can add color in the potatoes to bring natural touch. Garnish it with cherry and grapes.

Fake fried egg
Spread some cream on a piece of bread. Add some yellow food color to cream. Scoop a slice of pound cake with an oval shape spoon and place it on the cream to make it look like an egg.

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