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April fools day pranks for kids
April fools day is the perfect time to play pranks and childhood is an age when you enjoy it the most. Nobody takes it wrong when you play some gimmicks on this day - meant for pranks. Kids can play various tricks on their friends, teachers and parents without hurting any. Whatever prank you play, do not miss to say "April Fool"!!

Water pranks
Take water in a glass and add some food dye into it. Offer this delicious looking juice to your family members and watch out for their reactions. It will be a fun watching funny expression on their faces when they do not get anything like sweet and tasty.

An age old prank but it always works well - put lemon juice or excess salt in water secretly when someone is going to drink it. The water sure is to taste very bad, so wait for the most unusual expression on his/her face. Remember to put only that much salt in water which does not make the person vomit.

Paper/ pen prank
Play this prank with your parents. Place some soft tissue paper or toilet paper in their shoes on the eve of April 1st. Paper you insert should not be noticeable to anyone. Next morning when they put their feet into shoes, watch for that surprised and troubled look on their face.

Using some adhesive, stick a pen cap to the pen and ask others to open it for you.

Thread prank
Wear a pant which has some worn-out look and place a reel of thread in your pocket in such a way that its tail peeps out. Walk up to some targeted person and ask to help you pulling out the thread. Do not forget to wear a concerned and puzzled look on your face!! Watch out for fun when thread comes out and the person keeps it pulling no end.

Take a coin and tie a lengthy thread around it. Now place it on the way where people keep coming. Hold the tail of thread in your hands and hide yourself. When someone tries to pick up that money, pull the thread and shout "April Fool" Notice the embarrassing expression on victim's face!!

Balloon Pranks
Place some balloons at the door of a room which people must walk in. Arrange them in a way that they must fly up when someone opens the door.
If you have a truck nearby or a jeep, then get a balloon and tie it to the tailpiece of that vehicle when it is not on. The moment someone starts it, the balloon will pop up and sound like a tire burst.

If these pranks are not enough, ask your parents what pranks they played on April Fools Day. You will have some naughtiest ideas from them!!

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