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Arranging an intimate table for two of you
Valentine Day comes every year and every time you want to do something beautiful and romantic for your better half. You might have already surprised her/him with memorable gifts, flowers, and travel vacation. Now what to do next? How about arranging an intimate table just for two of you on this Valentine Day! Let's see how you can do so.

Make the surrounding beautiful with lights
Once it is decided which area of the home suits best to do for the special day, light up the space around table with lights. A candle-light dinner always feel very romantic. So get some candles of different sizes and shapes and arrange them on table. Candles can also be arranged to make an interesting and beautiful centerpiece. To create a magical twinkling effect, place some tea lights throughout the space. Before you actually bring him/her to the table, dim the lights. It will show off the sparkling setting.

Add fragrance to the room
It really makes a lot of difference if you add a soothing scent to the place where you arrange the table. It creates just the right atmosphere. So sprinkle a mild perfume. For warmth and coziness, try vanilla scents. You can also go for floral or citrus scents.

Play light music in the background
Romantic mood can best be complimented when you add some light music to the surroundings. Soothing music running in the back creates ambience in the atmosphere. So set the tone with some soft jazz or old love songs and see the impact.

Red is the theme
Since red is the color of warmth, it is an integral part of Valentine Day celebrations. So include red to add a splash of romance to table-setting. You can fill glass vases with red cinnamon hearts or place red candles on table. Putting red napkins or spread red table runners is another way to add warmth to this day.

Bring flowers
Nothing is better than flowers to actually express your love for your partner. So bring fresh flowers, especially red roses and arrange them on table to make a classic centerpiece. Sprinkling red petals on white table cloth is also a good idea.

Not only the above mentioned, you can also do many other things to express your love on Valentine Day. And the best part is that surprising your partner with such a gesture adds more flavor to the relationship. Prepare well in advance without letting your partner know. When all is set, dress in the best of your attire to surprise him/her in the evening and enjoy the precious moments.

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