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Celebrate Mother's Day with less fortunate mothers

Mother's Day is approaching close and many of you must would have thought and planned to surprise your mothers in a memorable way. You must have arranged flowers or a surprise dinner for your mom but here I am trying to bring in your notice those women that are a little less fortunate than your own mother.

There are some women in this world who are not that lucky to be a mother. In many cases, some women even die during the child birth due to pregnancy-related complications in some countries. And the saddest part is that their lives could have been saved if the respective countries governments turn a little sensitive towards this issue.

Since maternal health is a basic right for all mothers and no mother or mother-to-be should be denied to this right. The government must of course look into the matter but you as a responsible citizen too can also do something to bring a smile on their faces; and here is an organization to help you.

If you want to send some card or flowers to such mothers, then visit as it will guide you what to do. So this Mother's Day, when you are rushing to get cards, chocolates or flowers for your mothers, stop for a while and think of those less fortunate women. Try to do something for them so that they realize their importance in this world.

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