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How to celebrate St Patrick's Day
Established as a way to pay homage to Saint Patricks, a great saint and missionary of Ireland, St. Patricks Day is now commemorated on 17th March every year. Many people throughout the world celebrate this day with food, drink and all green things. Though earlier, it was taken as a religious holiday, but people put lot of zeal and enthusiasm and celebrate it while exchanging gifts with family and friends.

Going back to the history, you find there is no specific way except the celebration of feasts in the honour of St. Patricks since he was believed to bring Christianity to Ireland. Beauty of this day is that you are free to enjoy in your own way stay calm and quiet or just go wild.

Clothing for the day: T-shirts, generally all green, are the common clothing article that people wear with pride. Some people wear clothes with funny words about St. Patricks Day like "Kiss Me, I'm Irish!", but people in Ireland may not like it. Professionals can go for green-striped polo or collared shirt. In Ireland, it is a tradition to wear a collection of Shamrock for people attending the parades. They wear it as a badge on their shirt or top.

St. Patricks Day is a time to express the funny side of fashion. People wear buttons, small shamrock pins and jewelry items to express the support for this holiday. Some of them dye their hair green to stand out in the crowd.

Attend local parades
To get really into the mood of the day, check out the scene at some local parades. It is a five day festival at places like Dublin, Ireland, so it is great fun to attend the parades there. Cities like Boston, Chicago, London, New York City, St. Louis and Sydney have great celebration time during St. Patricks Day.

Enjoy traditional Irish food and drink
It is fun to enjoy the traditional Irish delicacies. Apart from Irish beer, you can have corned beef, cabbage and lamb stew to have a real feel of the day. Most bars and pubs love this day as it helps them increase their sale of alcohol consumption. Some people enjoy green wine, meant especially for this occasion.

Listen to radio
Some people prefer to listen to radio as popular radio stations often keep themselves involved in the parties around the cities and keep you informed and thrilled. Just tune in to some local station and enquire for news.

Play some music
Being long associated with music, Ireland offers many amazing and unbelievable styles. Play any Celtic, folk or traditional Irish song; they will fill you with the day's spirit.

Some people do not enjoy going out or visit bars, they can call their friends over and have a party at home. Whatever you do, just enjoy the day and stay respectful for others. Many people do not like the green enthusiasm shown. Without dishonoring the traditions, have fun on this day. You can start your own way to celebrate the occasion like going a movie on St. Patricks Day. It is a day to celebrate and enjoy the meals and music, so get ready to have fun.

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