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Celebrating April Fool's Day
The first day of April is marked as All Fool's Day throughout the world. Though origin of this day is not known, it is believed that Mother Nature tries to befool human race during this period by bringing sudden change in the weather. Therefore, traditionally people play various pranks upon others to celebrate the occasion and the victim of a prank in termed as April Fool.

Ways to befool people and playing pranks keep changing as time changes but there are still some pranks which even today have the same pleasure and enjoyed by everybody.

Crank phone call:
Surprise someone with a call and pose yourself someone else and continue talking on some unusual matter. If the person does not recognize you and gets carried away what you say, then end up your call saying 'April fool'.

Grow a moustache or a pair of eyes:
When the person is fast asleep, paste an artificial moustache on his/her face to surprise him when he gets up. You can also befool by painting another pair of eyes on the forehead of the sleeping person. Just watch the sudden shocking look of the person when he/she gets up from the sleep and looks at the mirror to notice the change.

Prepare some dish:
Another prank is to prepare some dish from non-edible matter. Give it a shape of cake or cookies and decorate it to look like real. Present it to the person and watch for his reaction when he tastes it, but remember that fake dish should not be made of harmful material.

Add lime juice in water:
Although an old one, but this prank still brings fun if you add some lime juice to your friend's water without his notice. The moment he/she gets the first sip, the facial expression on the face will really make others roll with laughter.

Stick some coins on the path or sidewalk:
Glue some coins on the way where people can notice it. You will find many people getting caught to pick up those coins. Watch their expressions when they are not able to pick the coins up.

Use artificial toys:
Playing pranks with artificial toys like snakes, lizards are very common and they really create fear if you get to see them all of sudden. You can also put things like rubber ducks and snakes at places like refrigerator, shoe box, study table and see the fear it generates in a person.

Whatever prank you play, just keep the spirit alive. Show your creativity and add spice to your jokes and pranks. Aim to play healthy pranks to bring smiles on faces.

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