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Celebrate Cinco-de-Mayo in an authentic way with Cacique

Cuisine in general plays a major role in understanding the cultural background of a place and it becomes more prominent during festive occasions. Cinco-de- Mayo is one such occasion which is best celebrated if you prepare and enjoy traditional Mexican delicacies. Join the Cacique's family of Hispanic products and easy-to-make recipes to create the traditional Mexican dainties.

For many years Cacique is the largest Hispanic cheese brand in the US for maintaining authenticity, family pride, integrity and keeping traditions alive. Cacique's lines of fresh preparations like Carnitas and Queso Fresco Enchiladas, Three Cheese Salad and Broken Nachos - Chorizo are the combination of old-world traditions with new-world technologies and that is what brings good name to Cacique. All the products by Cacique are available at most leading national retailers like Albertsons, Costco, Food Lion HEB, Kroger and HEB and Hispanic specialty retailers like Northgate, Food 4 Less and Mi Pueblo.

Those who want to try the traditional Mexican preparations must go for Cacique's easy-to-make recipes. These recipes are accessible to everyone and make cooking fun and. Go these delicious delicacies and add more flavour and spice to your Cinco-de-Mayo celebrations. Visit to learn more about Cacique and their family of authentic Hispanic products.

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