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How to celebrate Columbus Day
Columbus Day is an occasion to commemorate that day in the history of America when an Italian navigator Christopher Columbus had discovered the New World. It was on October 12th in 1492 and that day is being celebrated all over America even if people do not get an off from work.

What to do on Columbus Day
To observe those historic events that happened around 500 years ago, what you can do is:
  1. Read 'Christopher Columbus'- a poem by Stephen Vincent Benet.

  2. Attend Columbus Day parade organized at your city.

  3. Another option is to take a virtual tour of "1492: An Ongoing Voyage". It is an online exhibit of the Library of Congress.

  4. If you are in the US capital on this occasion then try visiting places where you get to see the images, paintings and sculptures of Columbus. You can also get to read story-related to his journey.

  5. Preparing dinner based on the 15th century standard seamen's fare is also a good idea. Include items like beef and pork; salted fish, olive oil; molasses; honey; rice; and garlic. Do not miss to add almonds, cheese, raisins and dried legumes.

  6. Kids too must be involved in celebration. You can prepare them to present a skit based on the voyage of Christopher Columbus.

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