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Celebrate Columbus Day with kids
In order to honour the arrival of Christopher Columbus in America in 1492, people observe Columbus Day on 12th October every year. A common way to celebrate this day is attending parades and organizing parties. You can read poem titled "Christopher Columbu" or visit places to see images and portraits of that great explorer or get to know the life history of that daring seaman.

It has been more than 500 years that Columbus had explored America. As time passes and if people stop celebrating this grand day, the future generation might not know who this great explorer was. In an effort to make kids know more about Columbus and his achievement, people should engage them in various activities related with this day. Following are the ways how you can make Columbus Day memorable for your kids.

Make them recite poems and read stories
To remember to date when Columbus first sailed to America, children can recite the following traditional verse:
"In fourteen hundred and ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue."
Some sites like the Holiday zone has got several Columbus Day songs which you can tell the kids to memorize and perform on October 12th celebration. Then they can visit local libraries where they can get some material available on Columbus and his historic deeds. Reading exciting stories of Columbus will inspire the kids to dream big in life.
Art and craft
Children enjoy art and craft. They can be engaged in various kinds of art and craft activities.
  1. Guide them to make objects like egg cup ships, newspaper hat, telescope from paper tower role and magical multicolor binoculars.

  2. Using different materials like small ships, spices, glue, stickers and glitters, you can make a spice collage for Columbus Day. However be careful to use spices and do not use hot spices and the ones which may cause sneezing.

  3. Kids just love making ocean bottles. Guide them to make one on this Columbus Day.

Also encourage them to take part in parade and other activities on Columbus Day. Who knows? May be one of these kids will be inspired enough to explore another wonderland!!

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