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The reason to celebrate Columbus Day
America-the New World was discovered by Christopher Columbus on 12th October in 1492. People of different countries of America happily celebrate the arrival of Columbus in America. While the year is believed to be 1492, there is an issue with the date. According to the Julian calendar, Christopher Columbus discovered America on October 12th in the year 1492 but the modern Gregorian calendar suggests October 21st.

It was in 1792 that the New York City along with other eastern US cities celebrated the 300th anniversary of Columbus' landing to America. Later in 1905, it was declared a state holiday and then in 1970, Columbus Day became a federal holiday. This day is celebrated differently in all American countries. However, the people of the United States refer it as Columbus Day and observe a holiday on this day.

Other names for Columbus Day
Following are the names given to this day in some of the American countries.
  1. Discovery Day - in The Bahamas,

  2. Dia de las Americas (Day of the Americas) - in Uruguay

  3. Dia de las Culturas (Day of the Cultures) - in Costa Rica,

  4. Dia de la Hispanidad (Spanish Day) and National Day - in Spa

  5. Dia de la Raza (Day of the Race) - in many countries in Latin America,

  6. Dia de la Resistencia Indigena (Day of Indigenous Resistance) - in Venezuela

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