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Cool ideas for April Fools Day

April Fools Day is approaching closer day-by-day and you might like the idea to fool someone around. Do not worry it would not hurt anyone as April 1st is the day when most people expect or rather get scared to be befooled by someone naughtier. have a memorable time on the very first day of April, watch out the following given ideas.

  • Begin the fun at 12 AM

  • Towards the end of the day on March 31st itself, set an alarm which goes off at 12 AM and then hide the clock in a victim's room. The moment that clock strikes "12" the alarm will start ringing. I bet most of the people would not be able to sleep. They would not only get up in midnight, but will also come out of bed to find the clock.

  • Surprises in bathroom

  • First thing a person does after getting up is rushing to the toilet. So, place a surprise there. Cut out a small hole in the middle of a soap-bar and fill that hole with food-dye. Now cover the hole with the soap cut out and smooth over the crack with the help of wet fingers. Wait for that person's morning surprise. Don't you think he/she will have one of the most colorful surprises?

  • Breakfast jokes

  • Eggs make a good choice for April Fools day prank. What you can do is hard-boil all the eggs available at home. Once done put them back in container as if nothing has been done to them. Now the moment a victim tries to crack one of them, he will get confused as the egg would not break. No wonder he/she will try to crack one after another but no use. Watch him/her trying all the eggs in the container to find them hard-boiled. A good breakfast joke indeed!

  • Prank at workplace

  • These days most workplaces are likely to have 'Push' and 'Pull' door and they can be set up for an easy April Fools' Day prank. Get legitimate looking signs which say just the opposite of what is written on the doors. Now if it is a Pull door at your workplace, stick the Push sign there. Place the Push sign if there is a Pull door. You can not imagine how struggling it will turn out for people to get in and move out of that building on 1st April.

  • April Fools day at night

  • Suppose you have not been able to play Fools Day prank throughout the day, you still can have fun by pulling off a simple prank. What you need to do is buy a universal remote and program it for a shared TV in your home. Now while the victim is busy enjoying his/her favourite TV show on April Fools night, you can start playing prank. Turn on and turn off the TV or switch the channels or just mess with the volume.
    Remember your victim should not be able to see you while you do all this. I am sure; he/she will surely come to you enquiring if the same is happening with your TV. It is the time to tell "April Fools Day".

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