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Remember some 'dos and don'ts' on April Fools Day

People in general like to play jokes on April Fools' Day (AFD). Jokes or pranks played on this day generally last for a few minutes only. In some places like France, jokes played on the morning of April First last throughout the day. Jokes you must play but not on the cost of someone's feelings. Your pranks should not insult anyone; rather it should bring humour and fun to this day.

Here I present you with some 'dos and don'ts' on this AFD so the day really becomes a fun day for all. Keep below points in mind and your jokes or pranks will keep you safe, and happy throughout.

    Some 'Dos'

  • If you have a boyfriend, tell him that you are expecting and watch his reaction.

  • Play funny car pranks, like hide and jump out.

  • You can tape a water sprayer at the kitchen sink so that when someone turns on the tap, he/she will have a watery mess in front. Might be a mad world for them but surely a well-played AFD prank for you!

    Some 'Donts'

  • Never ever try to make a joke on someone's death. Instead of bringing fun element on AFD, it will bring sadness to the environment.

  • Do not have a fake break-up with someone on AFD; it is not funny, but really very painful. It may question the relationship.

  • Do not plan to prank to make fun of somebody's physical appearance. You will hurt him/her no end.

After all April Fools' Day means to be a fun-filled day. So do something that involves everybody to have fun and enjoy to the fullest.

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