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Enjoy at Patrick's Day party
St. Patrick's Day is a time to celebrate. Since most of the offices are closed for the occasion, the celebration becomes a good way to enjoy holidays. What is celebration if there is no party? Parties add fun to your holidays. Moreover, St. Patrick's Day brings great opportunities to make your party highly-spirited and entertaining.

Apart from attending parades and attending masses, arise the party spirit in your group of friends on this auspicious occasion. To help you throw the party, here are a few ideas you can utilize.

Send invites
Sending invitation is the first step and there are so many ways to do this. Set a mood or theme for your party and send invites accordingly. This will not only help the guest to be prepared for the occasion but you too can plan further so as what to do. Make use of shamrock in any form to invite your guests.

Specify the dress to wear
Since green color is associated with St. Patrick's Day, you need to specify it to your guests that they wear green attire at party. To get a positive response, mention it clearly on the invitation along with venue and timings.

Home Decor
The way you decorate your home on this occasion is very important as it adds a lot of value. Use as much green as you can in your home decor. Consider using green tablecloth and place centerpieces like pots of shamrock on each table. Self-created gold-foil covered chocolates too will be good to use as centerpieces. Though it may often go unnoticed, you may put napkins with shamrock design to add meaning to your party.

Welcoming Guests
Wear a big smile on your face when you greet the guests. Add fun element to your hosting while welcoming them by giving "Kiss me, I'm Irish" buttons, when your guests enter in the room.

Play traditional Irish music
Since music sets the mood for an occasion, you should be ready with traditional Irish music. There are various CDs available in the market to complete the atmosphere of your St. Patrick's Day Party. Play the music when the guests arrive and continue it throughout the party.

Serve Irish delicacies
To add value to the authenticity to an Irish party, it is important to serve traditional Irish cuisine accompanied with green wine. It is up to your convenience whether you serve hors d'oeuvres or a dinner; but ensure it to be Irish to mark the occasion.

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