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Few favorites for Mother's Day
If you think mothers want you to give flashy presents or glamorous gifts, then you are mistaken. A mystery shopping company, Retail Active has recently conducted a survey that reveals amazing results as what mothers in general expect on their special day.

So before you buy an expensive gift for your mother, see the below-mentioned points:
  • A close hug
  • No expensive gift can please them but mums really want that old-fashioned, big and warm hug on this Mother's Day.

  • Thank you
  • What mothers also look for is a big "Thank you". Either you say it in words 'how grateful you are for what she does for you' or say the same with a card.

  • Card
  • A large percent of mothers love to receive a card on Mother's Day. Cards can say that in few words what you can not express otherwise. So get a good card to wish Mother's Day, better if it is a home-made card.

  • Flowers
  • Instead of any costly gift, flowers secure a good position in every mother's list of favourite things.

However, be careful that you do not wish her late on Mother's Day. Ensure that the card too reaches there on time. As I mentioned earlier, mothers do not look for an expensive gift, so choose a thoughtful gift for her. She is your mother and she will understand if you just buy a gift or card, without giving importance to her feelings. Gift must be such that she can feel the warmth of your love and care. Show her how much you love your mother and want her presence in your life.

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