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Gifts for Daughters
"A son is a son till he gets his wife, but a daughter is a daughter throughout the life", this line very well explains the role a daughter plays in a family. Daughters naturally ought to be given special gifts when the time comes. When it comes to select gifts for your daughter it can range from inexpensive ones like a small card to very expensive gifts like car or even a home.

Whatever is the occasion, you must think about her age, requirements, hobbies and interests before selecting any gift for your daughter. If she is working then keep her profession also in mind while picking up a gift item for her.

You can choose beautiful dresses and several stationery items like books, pens, examination set, drawing board, water bottle, etc. for your school going daughter. Teen-aged daughters can be given gifts like scrabble board game, gift certificates, fashion jewelry or gift basket comprising of scented body washes, lotions, perfumes, powders, lip gloss and nail polish. If she loves music then think about gifting iPod or MP3 player. Hand bags and vanity case also make good options for a teen-age daughter.

For a grown-up or working daughter you can think of gifting a lap top or the latest mobile set. If your daughter loves photography then select a digital camera. She will just love if you can arrange a photo album, with all her cherished memories of childhood and growing years. Do not forget to paste pictures of the memorable events of her life in the album.

Besides these gifts, you can also surprise her by getting her bedroom remodeled as per her choice or just gift her dress which she has been wishing to buy since long or just get her enrolled in her favourite hobby classes which she always wished for. A daughter always loves and cherishes the smallest thing gifted to her by her parents. So just get any gift of her interest and surprise her!!

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