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Just for friends!!
'A friend in need is a friend indeed' - how truly said!! A good friend is just like your own soul. Many times in life, he/she acts as a guide who not only helps you win the battle of life, but also loves you unconditionally. If you want to have a long-lasting friendship, you must nurture it with love, care and commitment like any other relationship in this world.

So valuable is this relationship that it is celebrated all over the world with lot of enthusiasm and passion. First Sunday of every August is celebrated as Friendship Day. Here are some good ideas to honor your friend on this wonderful day.

Books on Friendship Day
If your friend loves to read then books are the ideal gifts for friendship day as they can be treasured forever. While you age, books given on friendship day make the other person realize the bond you have developed over the years. Some books that you can gift on friendship day are Amandine (Adele Griffin),Diary of a Young Girl(Anne Frank), Five Point Someone(Chetan Bhagat), Tears of a Tiger(Sharon Draper ), When Zachary Beaver Came to Town(Kimberly Willis Hold), The Friendship( Mildred D. Taylor), and Chicken Soup Series.

Jewelry for Friendship Day
Whether you have to select for boy or girl, jewelry is another good option to be gifted on friendship day. Like books jewelry too is a precious gift, meant to be cherished for years. Calculate your budget and select some jewelry item, suiting to your friend�s taste and style.

Certificate/Letter of Friendship
A handwritten and heartfelt certificate or letter of friendship is perhaps one of the most thoughtful gestures of friendship. Combined with a bouquet and chocolate box, the letter makes can be the ultimate gift for your dear friend.

Bake a friendship cake
Prepare a delicious, lip-smacking cake for this occasion. Your friend will be sure be moved by this gesture.

Besides these gifts, friendship bands, key chains, are all time affordable keepsakes for this occasion.
Happy friendship day!!

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