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Labor Day-What to gift on Labour Day
Labor Day is a popular holiday celebrated around the world. Though the day has its roots in Australia but it is celebrated with equal zeal and charm in the US also. As the name says, Labour Day is meant for laborers or people who work for general public. On this day people thank all those men who work untiringly and selflessly for other people's welfare.

Earlier, this day was mostly limited to attend parades but today, Labor Day can well be a time for exchanging unexpected gifts. Since Holiday gift baskets are well established in connection to certain holidays, they can equally prove good to be presented on Labour Day as well. Markets are full with some unique gift baskets available in all prices range-cheap and expensive. However while choosing one for Labour Day, be careful to check the contents of these gift basket as they should be related to labours like some sturdy foods items and treats. Besides flowers and chocolates, you can also choose helmets, mugs, T-shirts, etc. to gift on this occasion.

Whatever gift you select, do not miss to add cards with gift and baskets which can later be taken as souvenirs for long time to come.

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