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Labor Day-thanking all the laborers and workers
Labor Day was initially known to demonstrate the strength and spirit of the workers and labor organizations in the United States. This day was basically meant to thank all those laborers for what they have done for the society.

Earlier on this day, a street parade was held for the public so that they can understand the amount of hard work these workers and laborers put in to provide better lives to the people. Parade was later followed by a festival enjoyed by all the workers and their families.

Parades, speeches, barbecues, and picnics have always been a part of Labor Day. It also means the unofficial end of the summer season as many schools and colleges begin their classes just after the end of Labor Day weekend. Labor Day is, thus a day which brings a work-free Monday. With three days holidays in a row, this day means a lot of fun, laughter and party.

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