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Enjoy annual Memorial Day Fair and Craft Fest

Memorial Day is no longer limited to remembering and honouring the soldiers only. It has now become an occasion to enjoy with family and friends. Traditionally people used to attend parades, visit graves and party together but now different fairs are organized on Memorial Day to commemorate the occasion.

Like last year this time too, the 57th Annual Memorial Day and Craft Fest will be held on at the grounds of the Cathedral of the Incarnation on May 31st. Besides Memorial Day Parade and services from 12 noon to 4 pm, main features of this fair include free patriotic concerts and the magnificent pipe organ by the church.

Kids as well adults are going to have a good fun time here as they get a chance to enjoy rides, games and a petting zoo. Guests can even take a free tour to the historic church building. So, come to be a part of this family event on Memorial Day. Venue for the fair is 50 Cathdral Avenue, Garden City. Call at 746-2955 for more information.


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