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Must-watch movies for St. Patrick's Day
To make things easier, below is an assorted list of Must-watch movies for St. Patrick's Day:

  • Darby O'Gill and the Little People (1959)

  • This one is a fun Irish tale that can be amusing and frightening at the same time. Darby O'Gill is a man with the Irish gift of gab who tells many tales of the little people. Watching this Disney classic on St. Patrick's Day will definitely evoke the Irish spirit in your blood.

  • The Secret of Roan Inish (1994)

  • Watching this movie will make anyone fall in love with the Irish culture. The story follows Fiona who learns about the legend of the selkie and uses it to find her little brother Jamie who had disappeared at sea at an infant. The Irish landscape and sea are gorgeously filmed and the music is subtle and's as if you are there in Ireland learning about the legends yourself through the eyes of Fiona.

  • The Quiet Man (1952)

  • The Quiet Man, a very enjoyable Irish movie that has the right blend of comedy, drama and romance. Set in the beautiful Irish countryside this movie is about Sean Thorton who returns from America and falls in love with a beautiful Irish woman, Mary Kate. The movie is beautiful in showing how Sean, a retired boxer fights again for one thing�the respect of his wife

  • Finian's Rainbow (1968)

  • Finian's Rainbow is a fun filled musical that has an Irishman Finian McLonergan, who has stolen a pot of gold from the leprechaun Og and, with his daughter Sharon, brings it to Rainbow Valley in the fictional southern state of Missitucky. The movie has also addressed a bit of racism when a racist politician is magically turned black and understands his own errors.

  • This is My father (1998)

  • A middle-aged teacher discovers photos from his mother's past that convince him that she has not told the truth about his real father. On traveling to Ireland to find out about his real father, a past romance slowly unfolds. The film being shot in Ireland, you can't help but be wooed by the Irish scenery.

  • St. Patrick's Day (1997)

  • It is about an Irish-American family reunion on St. Patrick's Day, where almost everyone is having relationship problems. In spite of the mother's pledge to ensure no drinking some people are gonna succumb to drinking as certain hidden secrets come to surface.

  • St. Patrick: The Irish Legend (2000)

  • It's a beautiful tale based on the journey of Patrick from an Irish slave as a teen, to Bishop of Ireland, to Patron Saint of the Irish. It gives a lot of information and background on the legend of the man who became to be known as St. Patrick.

  • A Very Unlucky Leprechaun (1998)

  • It is a story about an American father-daughter duo that moves into a beautiful house in Ireland. But that's not all. There is an unlucky leprechaun living with them who only ends up being unlucky for them. Watch how Molly and her dad get out of this mess.

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