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Importance of Parade on St. Patrick's Day
Though it is an annual feast day of Ireland, St. Patrick's Day is observed by Roman Catholics and all English-speaking countries all over the world. Many people in Australia, Britain and North America, with no Irish connection also celebrate the occasion with equal enthusiasm by proclaiming themselves "Irish for a day". The main attractions of this day are the Parades held at various places all over different cities. To pay honor and show regards to the saint, it is customary to attend parades every year.

Parades date back to the early 18th century in Ireland, but it was on 17th March in 1737 that the first civic and public celebration of St. Patrick's Day Parade took place in Boston, Massachusetts (United States). Later, on 17th March, 1762 New York City had it its first parade and carrying the tradition since then, it is now the largest parade in the world today.

For the last many years, St. Patrick's Day parades have been held to honor the Patron Saint of Ireland who preached people while traveling across many countries. People in large number from different heritages and walks of life including politicians march in this parade showing their love and respect for the holy soul who died on this day. Since green color is the sign of Irish pride and it stands for the 'emerald island' (Ireland) people wear green in some form or the other. Some people wear green T-shirts or put green hats or dye their hair in green color. It is customary to wear green in the United States but for many years in Ireland, it was considered offending to wear green on this day. To add meaning to the event, some parade routes too are done in green.

To show their true Irish spirit on this day, people marching in parade wear shamrock, a native plant of Ireland that symbolizes the holy Trinity. All people whether Irish or not just turn Irish on this day and enjoy the occasion singing, dancing, drinking and partying all night.

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