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Party planning tips for St Patrick's Day
St Patrick's Day is a good occasion to organize a party. Celebrated on March 17th every year, it is a great event meant for all age groups. So you need to keep certain things in mind before organizing a St Patrick's Day party. Let us see some point to check out prior to March 17th this year.

Decorate your home
On St Patrick's Day party, you do not need to spend a lot on decor. Just keep green color in your mind while decorating home for this occasion. Buy construction paper, stickers, cups, balloons - all in green color. Have green beer or soda ready for guests. Adorning cups with stickers to make people remember their own cup is a good idea. Shamrock is an important symbol of St Patrick's Day, so make some DIY shamrocks with the help of kids and adults.

How to make DIY shamrocks
Take green construction paper and cut four hearts out of this paper. Now stick the points together with glue. To hide or cover the glue, add a circle there. Now add a pipe cleaner stalk and your DIY shamrock is ready. Decide the length of stalk on the basis of shamrock's size and be careful that the head should not droop. Personalize it with glitter, paints, etc.

Decide on menu
As green should be the theme of party, add green color in beer flavors, soda or smoothies. St Patrick's Day is mainly an Irish festival, so you must include traditional Irish delicacies like Irish Stout Mayonnaise in your menu. Don't forget to have green wine or Irish beers like Guinness Irish Stout, Harp Irish Lager, etc.

Do not miss Music
No party is complete without music. Play some traditional Irish music to have a feel of St Patrick's Day party. Get Celtic sounds from east coast such as Great Big Sea, Natalie McMaster, and The Rankin Family.

Have some games ready
To keep your guests entertained, you must be ready with games ideas for kids as well as adults like limerick contest. Since kids become happy and excited when they get to make noises, so plan noisy games like Pot of Gold Balloons for kids.

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