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Tips for selecting Passover gifts for kids

Exchanging gifts has become a common feature in most festivals and Passover is no exception. Passover is a festival which is still celebrated in a traditional manner and as a part of its tradition; kids steal the afikomen. Since Afikomen is a piece of matzah which needs to be returned before the Seder concludes, kids are then approached to return the afikomen in exchange for better gifts.

Kinds of gifts chosen for kids can vary from family to family. However, as per tradition kids can negotiate the ransom but you might have to really convince them to take the gifts that you have got for them. Let us see how the Passover gifts should be chosen for kids.

  • You must know the exact number of children expected to participate in that event. Some people allow even the teenagers to ransom the afikomen. So gifts chosen should suit to teenagers too.

  • If possible then consult with the parents as what kind of gift they accept for their kids. When deciding upon the eatable items as gifts, you must not bring those items that commonly cause allergies.

  • Select those kinds of gifts which can be easily divided among kids present at that time so that each child gets a gift while leaving.

  • While selecting Passover candies, you must check if it is kosher for Passover. Such items are easily available on stores that offer matzah and other Passover things.

  • Sometimes you may need to add extra to retrieve the afikomen if the children can bargain better than you expect them to do. So be prepared for such situation.

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