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Passover Day - Special Passover gifts from Rescue Chocolate

Rescue Chocolate, a chocolate company has recently launched two sweets for the upcoming festive occasions;




. These two boundary-breaking delights namely Candy Easter Eggs and Don't Passover Me Bark are just perfect for the Easter basket or a Passover table. Let us see what makes these two delights special.

  1. Candy Easter egg

    Made up with dairy-free creamy filling, this Candy Easter egg from Rescue Chocolate is the only vegan chocolate egg. While the filling is airy, light and sweet, the chocolate egg shell is quite dark and smooth. This traditional holiday treat is just perfect for people who avoid milk and egg products. Covered in cozy wooden nest, this egg really makes a good choice for the festivals and Spring holidays.
  2. Don't Passover Me Bark

    Another treat from Rescue Chocolate is Don't Passover Me Bark; a limited edition Kosher for Passover-certified chocolate bark. This treat is a real gift for Jews who follow traditions and have to limit themselves for eight days, dreading the bland food. Now they do not have to go without the good food stuff for eight long days as Don't Passover Me Bark features a matzoh-textured slab of Belgian chocolate. With sprinkling of whole almonds all over, it is the perfect finish for any Seder meal. And you can even gift it to the Passover hostess.
  3. Both these items are available just for a few weeks in March and April 2010 and one can get them at selected stores. To purchase them online, log on to The best part of these two products is that 100% of the net proceeds will be donated to those non-profit organizations that work on animal rescue issues.


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