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Tips on how you can avoid being a target on April Fool's Day

Though we do not know exactly where did April Fools' Day actually originate but one thing is for sure that it involves a lot of fun activities. First April (which is known as April Fools' Day) means a day infamous for hoaxes, pranks and practical jokes. Some people enjoy if some pranks and jokes are played on them but there are many who do not like to be a recipient of them. If you too are the one who avoid being targeted on this fun occasion, then here are some tips.

  • Skilled pranksters can begin their pranks quite early. So be high alert right from the evening of March 31. Some people start playing games around midnight (12 AM as per the local time) on April 1.

  • Be watchful for every unusual and suspicious move by people around you, specially your friends and family members.

  • An experienced and skilled prankster may walk up to you on April Fools' Day for any reason; now you have to look into his/her soul to ascertain if there is any possible involvement in a hoax or prank.

  • If you come across people showing unusual emotions like giddiness, seriousness or may be nervousness, then you must notice their further actions.

  • Suppose some body wakes you up in middle of your sleep asking for help, then you have to respond with utmost caution. Use your discretion so that you are saved if somebody is trying befooling you. At the same time, you should not neglect if someone-in-need actually seeks your help.

  • Sometimes media also plays pranks with people. Just don't react on any suspicious piece of news on TV, radio, paper or even Internet as it might be on account of April Fools' Day. To avoid any such prank, it is better to lay low or stay back at home.

  • There are chances that you might be targeted at your office on April Fools' Day. So be careful to safeguard yourself. Suppose a prankster-looking person comes to you then you should behave real smart. Try saying something like 'I-knew-already' or 'I was expecting this' and then watch his/her next move.

  • Be extra-careful if something too-good-to-be-true comes your way or happens with you. Some body might be trying to target you for April Fools' Day.

  • Computers are a good way to play prank at offices, so you have to be very cautious. Most errors found suddenly on your machine on April Fools' Day might be just a hoax

  • Since First April is a day meant for pranks, so you can be a victim of some joke or prank. To avoid pranks, you must be vigilant for the entire period of 24 hours i.e. from 12 AM on April 1st till 12 AM on April 2nd.

    Believe it or not but sometimes it is actually good to play the fool; but do not let the prankster know about it. Soon the prankster will automatically realize and then it will be difficult for him to continue with the prank.

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