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Tips before you play pranks on April fools day
Although it has been a tradition to befool others on April Fool Day, the primary idea behind celebrating this day is to enjoy jokes and play such pranks that are not harmful and abusive. Moreover, the person upon whom you play the prank should also have and enjoy it fully.

To enjoy the occasion in good spirit, you need to keep certain things in mind before you play prank upon someone.

  • Ensure that it is 1st April or else you might end up making your own fool!
  • Don't play any destructive or abusive prank. Prank playing does not mean to abuse, insult or hurt a person.
  • The best time to have fun is play the prank early in the morning when the proposed victim is partially in his sleep and does not expect any thing of this sort.
  • You must plan well in advance what prank to play and study well the patterns of victim to know the best way to disrupt him/her.
  • You should be a good actor to play prank so that you can control your excitement to get a hand at your victim.
  • Never force a person to try something which you have planned, just because you are eager to see the reaction. If the person anyhow gets to know about your plan, you will not enjoy that thrill and fun.
  • While playing jokes or pulling off pranks, keep your face straight so that nobody understands your trick.
  • Remember to put a classic ending to the prank saying "April fool" but do not behave in such a way that it hurts others Sentiments and Feelings.
April Fool's day is all about getting creative and adding element of fun in the prank you plan. Just play your prank and get away with it to watch the reaction of others you target.

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