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Traditional gifts on Passover

As the weather gets warmer, it indicates that


is also coming closer. Passover is a

Jewish festival

celebrated with full faith and zest in Jewish and Christian community. Like many other festival, Passover too is a time of both, renewal as well as tradition. On this occasion one should give gifts that reflect Passover holiday traditions.

Passover gifts can be given to friends and family who are far away and also to the hosts whose Seder one attends. Markets always have some range of gifts which you can give on Passover. Besides, there are some online stores like Challah Connection that specialize in Jewish tradition and offer a good range of Passover Gifts, Gift baskets and Passover desserts like Kosher.

Since flour and other leaveners are strictly prohibited to be eaten in Passover, Kosher for Passover food is very different from regular Kosher food. Therefore for Passover you have to get only certified items for Kosher. Passover's traditional gifts may also include tabletop items like Kiddush Cups, Matzo Covers, Matzo Plates, Miriam's Cups, and Seder Plates. Passover gifts are available for kids too like toys and other fun Passover items. One can also gift Passover cookies, Passover candies like Barton's Almond Kisses, Passover nuts, macaroons and rugelach on this occasion.

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