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Reasons why you must treat your mom

Mother is the one who brings you in this beautiful world. She is the person who looks after you, nurtures you with all her love and support. Mothers can go to any extent to make your life comfortable. Mother's Day is an occasion when you can take the opportunity to do something meaningful for your mother.

Are you wondering why you should treat that lady in your life? Well...if you start thinking there is no end to the reasons why a mother deserves all the happiness in the world. But alas! She is often taken for granted. Many of you reading this article might agree with me at this point. Here I present few, very important reasons that make one feel grateful to all the mothers in the world.

  • Haven't you seen your mother washing and ironing your clothes including your school uniform, just to make you look good in spotless, sparkling dress?

  • Many of you might have been dropped to and picked up from your school by your mother only. She might have missed her own work but got you at school everyday, without a miss.

  • Mothers have often provided you with a shoulder ready to cry on if anytime you had a fight for any reason.

  • She always offered you her hands when you were about to fall in your learning years.

  • Your mother was always there to patiently listen to all your grumblings and heartburns. She forever gave you comfort when you needed it the most.

  • She always took care of your needs; even the smallest need was there in her mind.

  • Don't you remember the times; even at the odd hours of day, when she prepared meals on your demand. I can even bet on this issue that the best meal one can have in his or her lifetime is the one cooked by his/her mother only.

  • A mother always stands by your side, when you go through the tough phase of life or during the undecided moments of life. She can make you reason and enriches you with her worldly-wise advice. Many a times in your life, mothers might have pulled you out from the deadly problems you faced.

  • Whatever, a mother does for her child can not be measured in words, but yes, you can feel it with the amount of love she showers on you each day. You just can not assess what she does for you without hoping to get anything in return. A mother is a person you can always depend upon.

    To sum up, I would say that a mother is the reason for your existence. Don't you think, she deserves a good treat on Mother's Day? Leave behind all the reservations if you have and take her out for a memorable dinner. Do everything you can do to make the day special for your mother.

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