Gift Ideas
Unique Father's Day gifts under $25
Here is a list of some cool, practical and interesting gifts that should please your Dad this Father's Day.

  • For his ears...

  • Gift your Dad an extra pair of ear buds. Sonic Boom Records carries a variety of buds and headphones under $25, including Sony and JVC. The Riot Rasta buds from Skullcandy priced at $19.95 are absolutely worth gifting your Dad. They not only provide fine listening balance, but are "Rasta-colored" in red, yellow and green and feature Skullcandy's signature skull symbol.

  • Something for his drinks...

  • Buy Dad a set of Whisky Stones to cool his favorite brand of whisky without diluting it with ice. These cube-shaped soapstone rocks are hand-milled in Vermont. The natural properties of soapstone allow them to retain their temperature without adding taste or odor to your beverage. Just pop Whisky stones in the freezer, add a few to the drink, let chill and enjoy. They're available at Sur La Table for $19.95.
    If Dad loves drinking beer with his buddies, get a set of 12 colorful Beer Bands so they can keep track of their own brews. The stretchy molded rings are imprinted with "Mine," lest one forget and priced at $6.95.

  • What's That on his Tie?

  • Even if Dad doesn't wear a suit and tie every day, all men need at least one necktie in their drawer, especially one of Joel retro images and graphics of old Polaroid cameras, bicycles and even accordions.

  • Call of the Wild

  • If Dad is the hunting type, he'd like a little call-of-the-wild decor for his home office. Lucca Great Finds in Ballard offers some great finds indeed. Known for their affinity for artistically displayed crawly creatures, such as iridescent beetles and butterflies, the shop is branching out with resin antlers, classically mounted on wood plaques. For the novice, it's hard to tell these antler and animal skull replicas of deer and lesser-known hoofed animals from the real deal. Prices start at $24.

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