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Unique House warming gift ideas
It feels good when some one sets his new home. When you visit his home for the first time you must carry some gift in your hands. Now what can you have as housewarming gifts. If you are visiting the home of a newlywed couple then try to know what they lack in their bridal registry and go for that. However, you can also follow any of the following ideas for a housewarming occasion.

Gift fresh plants
You get a kind of heavenly feeling if some flowering plants welcome you when you enter the home. Instead of buying a bouquet, get some fresh flowering plants as they stay for longer period of time. Moreover, maintaining a bouquet is more difficult than maintaining a plant.

Lunch or dinner as a gift
Moving and shifting involves a lot of labour and it really becomes tiring to cook at this moment. Your offer for lunch or dinner may serve as the best gift to the family. Serve something which can be heated in a microwave and eaten in paper plates so as to save them from washing up the dishes. Though it sounds simple but a great relief!!

Greet with a cold drink bottle
Wouldn�t it make a good idea to greet the family with some glasses and a bottle of cold drink? Enjoying the drinks together will not only relax them in between the tiring schedule but also make the working easier.

Scented candles
What is a house if not decorated with well-lighted candles! Gift a set of soothing colored and soft-scented candles that not only brighten up the home but also create a comforting and ethereal atmosphere.

Set of bowls
Choose a set of crystal bowls to gift on the occasion of housewarming. Even a single piece can leave memories for years. The crystal or porcelain bowls and pottery make good options for central pieces in a casual setting.

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