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Experience an 'extra gift' offer from IntoTheBlue
Leading gift experience retailer IntoTheBlue is offering its customers a collective value of a quarter million pounds in unique "extra gifts" for this Christmas season. Anyone purchasing from IntoTheBlue will have an opportunity to add another gift in his/her kitty entirely free.

The gifting company started with providing flying experiences through different types of aircrafts like modern Cessna to World War 2 Tiger Moths. It has now lined up with a set of hot air balloon rides meant for Christmas shoppers. Being one of the largest gift experience retailers in the UK, IntoTheBlue provides more than 550 gift vouchers for life-time experience in off-road driving, spa experience, tank driving, watersports, etc.

Meant for all age groups and genders- from children to old men and women- these gift offers opened in November and will continue throughout the Christmas season.

The marketing manager of the company, Rob Holmes said that through this unique way of gifting, IntoTheBlue has provides added value to its online gift shoppers. With the extra gift in their kitty, they have the liberty to keep it for themselves or hand it over to someone else.

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