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Give your dad a total surprise this Father’s Day
“A father is a son’s first hero and daughter’s first love”, a quote that aptly defines the father children bond. For children, their parents are their idol. To express your father how much you love and care for him, make this father’s day a special one for him. Gift your father the best gift which doesn’t necessary mean an expensive purchase. You can gift your father anything that truly reflects your love and care for him. You father will be pleased even with a handmade card. For him, it would be equal to a million dollar gift.

This Father’s Day give your dad a different gift that is coated with your care and love for him. Here are some unique gift ideas that you could consider:

Introduce him to yoga
You dad might consider yoga is just about making different shapes out of your body, but encourage him to try some yoga exercises. Either enroll him to some yoga class or buy him a yoga DVD along with a yoga mat. This will keep a check on your father’s health and ensure that he stays fit and strong.

Study says that slow, deliberate movements as well as breathing techniques of yoga helps to reduce stress. This would be a best gift for your dad as you will promote him to stay fit and healthy and also keep his weight in control.

Gardening tools:
Research says that spending time amid green and natural environment helps to reduce stress, bad moods as well as anger. Gift your dad a set of new gardening tools and encourage him to start a garden of his own and reap nature’s healing benefits. You can also join him in planting seeds and taking care of the garden by watering the plants and so on. Also, gardening for around 30 to 45 minutes is believed to burn around 150 calories but don’t forget to add sunscreen to your gift to avoid sun tans.

Stress-relieving massage:
Besides its host of health benefits, massage has potentials of reducing stress levels and chronic tension headaches. Gift your father a massage coupon from a god spa or even better give him a relieving massage on your own. This will make him feel even better. You can also gift him a discreet foot massager that can be used at work which he can store under his desk.

Red wine:
Instead of gifting your father his favorite beer, why not buy him red wine this year? Red wine has its own bunch of health benefits which include heart friendly, boosts good cholesterol and keeps artery damage at bay. What else can be the best gift for your dad considering heart disease is one of the major issue affecting men.

Even though wine is not his choice of drink, research has found some related benefits with other alcohol types. However moderation is always the key, over-indulging can lead to serious health consequences. And if your Dad doesn't drink, then well and good there is no reason why he should start.

Hope these gift ideas help you buy a perfect gift for your dad this father’s day!

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