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Great Mother's Day gift ideas
Mother's Day is the right time to tell your mother how much you love her and what she means to you. After all, she is someone who would have probably gone through the most in raising you and making you the person you are. Let not the hustle and bustle of daily life take precedence over your mother; ensure that you make your mother feel special this Mother's Day.

Flowers & gift baskets for Mother's Day
Gifting flowers has always been a wonderful way to show love, affection and gratitude. Buy her a bunch of some traditional flower arrangements or a bouquet of her favorite flowers. Alternatively, find a gift basket that is a collection of several gift items.
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How about some jewelry for your mom?
Mothers, in general, love jewelry; it is a safe bet to go for something like rings and necklaces.
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Gift her favorite fragrance
Most women love perfumes and if you can find a fragrance she loves, it can be a really wonderful gift. Of course, one has to be a bit more careful with perfumes since one has to be sure of mom's likes and dislike for different fragrances. A floral or fruity perfume is usually a safe bet, when thinking of gifting a perfume to a mother.

Things for the home
Moms being moms love stuff that enhance the look of their homes; so you may want to gift her something that does that. Gift your mother some beautiful antique pieces or a rare piece of art to help her revel in the satisfaction of improving the home decor. Also, ladies love to keep the most modern and trendiest things in their kitchen. So, you can gift your mother some handy kitchen appliances or unique crockery that she has always wanted to have or could benefit immensely from. Or, you can also go for a beautiful set of bed covers, furniture, etc. If gardening is what your mother likes, then gift her with a plant or some books on gardening. You can also think of giving some modern and trendy gardening tools.

Gifts for the working moms
If your mother is a working woman, then gift her something that will help her in managing her time smoothly and become more organized. How about an organizer or an iPod? Or, to make her look smarter and trendier, buy her accessories like an ethnic and trendy hand bag, a wrist watch or a beautiful pair of sunshades.

Music & books
If your mother loves music, gift her a nice music system or a walkman that she can use while travelling too. Or, find her a couple of nice books that go with the theme and spirit of Mother's Day.
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Take her out to the movies or some theatre
If your mother loves going out, watching movies or theatre but cannot go due to her family responsibilities and lack of time, surprise her by taking her to watch a film or a nice play or ballet. The couple of hours spent on this will be as good as any gift you can give her.

Give mom a break on Mother's Day!
A day off from her daily chores is also a simple but very good gift idea. Take charge of kitchen and prepare some dishes or order a cake of her choice. Your mother will simply love you for this.

Beauty or spa treatment
Pamper your mother on Mother's Day by setting her up for a beauty treatment or a wonderful spa experience.

Remember, there are so many things you can do to make your mother happy on Mother's Day. Whatever gift you give, it is the idea behind a gift that is more important. So, give it due thought before buying a gift for your mother. Plan properly so that you are able to make a considered choice for a thoughtful Mother's Day gift that will pleasantly surprise your mom.

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