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Some popular US getaways for Memorial Day
Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summers in the US and many people like to spend these three-day long holidays with their family and friends. It is a time when people love to organize barbecues in the backyard or picnic in the park, enjoying the last few warmer days. Some people even plan to travel to such places which are not too far from their cities. Presenting you here some top destinations where you might like to travel during this Memorial Day weekend.

  • Chicago

  • The lakefront city Chicago is a fast-paced and ultra cool destination where you see a dramatic skyline heralded by the monumental buildings. Besides architectural gems, Chicago is a city known for museums, dynamic theaters, high-rate restaurants, bar and innumerable music venues. It is fun spending your Memorial Day weekend in Chicago while you can also participate in the Memorial Day Parade.

  • Austin, Texas

  • Known for the homegrown University of Texas, Austin is also famous for its cultural offerings. This place has numerous galleries, museums, and music venues but at the same time it also gives a small-town feel. For those who wish to have a relaxed and chilled out vacationing time during Memorial Day weekend, Austin in Texas is the perfect destination to do so with family or friends.

  • Bermuda

  • While other islands are quite hot to visit, Bermuda is a terrific Memorial Day getaway with its splendid pink sand beaches. What add to its value are its fantastic golf courses, gorgeous bougainvillea and endearing pastel shades houses. Though a little pricey, Bermuda is a good choice if you want to have a glimpse of British culture in the US.

  • Charleston, South Carolina

  • Charleston in South Carolina is a history rich capital to pay remembrances to fallen heroes. Beauty of this city lies in the lined plantations and stately homes, many of which were built prior to 1850. All the architectural remnants are so wonderfully preserved that it is a pleasure touring this city through the cobblestone streets. Coupled with its legendary hospitality, Charleston is a great choice for Memorial Day getaway.

  • Hilton Head Island

  • Hilton Head Island is another hard-to-resist destination in South Carolina. Full of natural beauty, this place gives you a chance to attend BRAVO, the annual art and cultural festival held around Memorial Day.

  • New York City

  • If you wish to spend Memorial Day weekend in an unusual way then head towards New York that commemorates the weekend with Fleet Week. It is an annual event when sailors and marines participate in parades, showing off their classy white uniforms. Lady Liberty, the Empire State Building and Greenery of Central Park are the other reasons that bring a good number of visitors to New York City.