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Helping you to choose a thoughtful gift for your father
The world is going to celebrate Father's Day on June 20th this year. It is going to be more special this year as it is the 100th year of Father's Day celebration. So express your deepest feeling for your dear dad and tell him how much you love him. Gift him something memorable and useful that he cherishes forever. Here are some gifts that you can select for your father according to his taste and liking.

  • Techno savvy gifts

  • Markets are just flooded with the latest Father's Day gifts and that includes techno savvy items too. So you can buy him a trendy mobile set or a classy i-pod. If your budget allows you then you can go further and buy camcorders, lap tops and DVDs also. Electronic shavers, massagers, and other exercise equipments too are good choices for your techno-savvy dad.

  • Ideas for sporty fathers

  • Men mostly likes some or the other kind of sports. If your father too has some favourites, then gift him something that boosts his passion for the game. You can gift him a set of golf, cricket or tennis, whatever he likes the most. Get some indoor games like Dartboards or scrabble for a dad who prefers to stay indoors.
    Another good idea would be taking your dad out for a live match if there is one going in your area. Buy tickets for that event and surprise your dad. He would just love you for that gift. Similarly, you can buy some theatre tickets if your dad likes watching movie/plays.

  • Mechanical equipments for your father

  • If your father takes interest in mechanical objects and often you see him fixing things at home then gift him a tool set, comprising of hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, drilling machine, etc.

  • Books for bibliophile father

  • Books might be the world for many dads. If your father also loves reading books, then you can gift him a set of books, based on different subjects.

  • Sunglasses and other accessories

  • Though it seems a very common accessory and he might be having one already but it will be a wonderful idea to buy a pair of cool sunglasses. A sure way to relax the eyes in scorching heat and a good bet for Father's Day!
    Although clothes and accessories are very traditional but they never fail. So gift him a nice set of shirt and trousers. Wallets, belts, cufflinks, ties are the other item that you can always gift to your father and he would love it. Perfumes and deodorants also make good gifts if your father loves to use them.

    Remember ... father's day is an occasion to show your love and respect towards the first man in your life. Make this day memorable and pamper him like never before. And if possible, also include your grandfather and other elderly men in this celebration.


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