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An unusual way to wear green on St. Patrick's Day

Ladies! You might have enjoyed green beer; corned beef and cabbage at other Patrick's Day celebrations, but this year get ready to treat yourself with healthy, pure and green facial at which is effective, relaxing and at the same time quite affordable. This fantastic spa which gives long-lasting benefits costs only for $75. You can also avail this offer at a special price, i.e. $195 for three.

Kirkland women can now have the most beautifying as well as the healthiest way to celebrate St Patrick's Day. This year is offering a green facial treatment for women that will relax and rejuvenate them.

It offers a customized facial in a private Kirkland spa using Eminence Organic Skin Care of Hungary which has cold-pressed fruit and vegetables. While these things theand herb ingredients stimulate the senses with incredible fresh aromas, the natural and pure vitamins nourish your skin. Some treatments offered at are

  • Eight Greens Phyto Estrogen Treatment
  • It works on hydration to improve the skin's elasticity. This treatment normalizes oil production to give a healthy glow to skin and also reduces signs of aging.

  • Lime Stimulating Treatment
  • Since this treatment involves lime, it revitalizes your complexion and detoxifies the sluggish skin. It supplies fresh minerals which gives clarity to the skin. However, you may have redness for up to 2 hours if you take this treatment.

  • Parsley and Cucumber Treatments
  • With the help of natural oxygenation and lightening agents including vegetable extracts, this treatment helps in lessening the hyper-pigmentation. It moisturizes, nourishes and gives a smoother, even complexion to your otherwise dull skin.

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