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When visiting someone's new house
Housewarming is a happy occasion. It is celebrated when someone shifts in a new house; not necessarily it is a newly purchased house. Even if one moves from one home to another, it is an occasion for housewarming. The celebration means people coming over, enjoy a get-together and send blessings.

So if you are visiting someone's new house for the first time, you must carry some gifts that symbolize good luck and prosperity. Factually speaking, when someone gets his new house done, then he obviously needs different things and accessories for his home. And if you know the family well, then try to know what they need to do their new home. Gifting some accessories, required to smoothly run the home is a very good idea.

Things like wall-clock, paintings, poster, etc. are quite old-fashioned but are still very much in trend. According to Chinese belief, items like bells and wind-chimes not only adorn the home but they also symbolize good luck. Then, there are a wide range of beautiful candles available in the market which can also be given to them as gift. Candles symbolize light and prosperity for the new home.

Bamboo tree or some decorative plants can be gifted to add beauty to the home decor. Remember, do not give any thing which you yourself do not like for your home. Gifts you give should be an asset to the home and not a burden. So choose the gift carefully before you see someone at their new home.

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