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Wedding Cake Ideas - Great ideas for your wedding cake
By Mircix Nuk

Aside from your wedding dress, the next most photographed item at the wedding reception will be the wedding cake. Therefore it is important to devote some time and thought and come up with some wedding cake ideas suitable for your big day. Traditional wedding cakes come in tiers, usually three layers, and throughout history wedding cakes been used to symbolize fertility, long life and good fortune for the marriage. Nowadays wedding cakes come in all shapes and sizes, but they still remain one of the centerpieces of weddings around the world.

When you are choosing your wedding cake you need to think about a few basic issues:

1) Guest Numbers: It is traditional for all the guests to take away a piece of cake with them, so make sure you select a wedding cake that is big enough to cater to your planned guest list. Also it is a nice touch if you allow for a few extras, so that you can send a piece after the wedding to anyone who could not attend.

2) Theme/Tone: Think about the theme or tone or your wedding before you choose a design. There are hundreds of different cake styles and shapes so you can literally be as creative as you like. For example if you are having a Las Vegas wedding, it might be fun to have the wedding cake designed in the shape of a roulette wheel.

3) Ingredients: Traditional wedding cake are fruitcakes, but this was simply because they had a longer shelf life back before everyone had refrigerators and freezers. You can have a wedding cake made from whole range of ingredients these days, and you can even get savory wedding cakes, like the popular 'whole cheese cake'. This is made from a whole wheel of cheddar on the bottom tier, which is then topped with a tier of another cheese, such as stilton. Think about what flavors both you and your guest would enjoy and don't be afraid to be inventive - it could even become the talking piece of the day. Make Your Dream Wedding A Reality Regardless Of Budget!

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