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Gifts for Brother - Stuff Guys Need To Know Book

Gifts for Brother - Stuff Guys Need To Know Book Guys, you ever have a question but were afraid to ask... here's your book! How should I hold this squirming baby? My mother-in-law thinks I know how to carve a turkey? It's my best friend's wedding day: how do I propose a toast that doesn't sound corny? A square knot? Sure. Is that right over left...or left over right? Every guy will sooner or later face a "simple" problem no one has ever taught him how to solve--and here's a practical and lighthearted book with all the answers. With advice on everything from how to eat a crab, change a diaper or a tire, compose a toast or tie a bow tie, it offers hundreds of tips on food, alcoholic beverages, cars, cigars, grooming, rules of sports and games, etiquette for weddings--even the proper way to burp that squirming baby! Here is what all men need to know to meet challenges, handle quotidian crises, and sail through unfamiliar social settings with accomplished ease. John F. Hunt has written frequently for Reader's Digest. This is his first book. He lives knowledgeably in Richmond, Virginia

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