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Dream Big - Book for Graduates

Dream Big - Book for GraduatesYou asked me to write a book and I did! And now many of you have read the book and have written to let me know just how surprised you are that I didn't use a "pen name," given how candid I was in the book. I think honesty is refreshing! So I tell it like it is! The good, the bad and the ugly-including all the lessons I learned the hard way so you don't have to. Dive into my book Dream Big and find out how I found the courage to start following my dream to create meaningful work for myself and how you can too! Don't wait any longer to make the first step on the journey you were meant to take. I promise a few laughs, the juicy truth and the catalyst you have been waiting for to find your passion and follow it. I am deeply grateful to know that Dream Big resonates with so many of you. For a limited time only, signed copies are available for Femail Creations customers! Foreword by the oh-so succulent author and artist, SARK.

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