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Living Nature Pure Indulgence Treatment

Living Nature Pure Indulgence TreatmentWhat does the activity include? West London’s new premier floatation and well being centre offers a haven of peace and tranquillity in the heart of Notting Hill. Leave your cares behind as you step into this small personal oasis of calm. On arrival you will be welcomed by a member of the team and provided with a robe comfortable slippers and a luxurious towel. Your visit will commence with a relaxing floatation session which will prepare you mentally and physically for the rest of the treatment. The warm moisture within the tank opens the pours and softens the epidermis of the skin which increases the efficacy of the cleansing and hydrating products used in the facial. The float also increases circulation promoting quick delivery of the nutrients minerals and vitamins absorbed from the 100% natural Living Nature product to skin cells. You will be shown to a private floatation suite each of which has its own unique artwork and personality. Floating is a very personal experience that has strong recuperative benefits for mind and body. A short shower is recommended before your float to wash away the outside world. 10 minutes of relaxing music will ease you into the float. It usually takes about 15 minutes to enter the first stage of deep relaxation and the remaining 45 minutes pass quickly effortlessly and pleasurably. The end of your float will be signalled by the re-introduction of music. Once inside the float tank you will have complete control of your environment. The light switch and control for the door are within fingertip reach. Time to take another shower and this time enjoy the beautiful Living Nature shower gel and shampoo to wash off all the skin softening Epsom salts. After your float you will be shown to your private treatment room where the therapist will begin by giving a 10-minute back massage whilst you enjoy a facial steam to further open the pores. Cleansing is the next step and the application of a facemask tailored to your skin type. Whilst the mask is given time to work you can enjoy a balancing foot and calf massage using cypress and geranium essential oils. Once your face has been beautifully toned and moisturised a face neck shoulder hand and arm massage will complete the treatment. After your treatment as you prepare to re-enter the outside world complimentary fresh water and herbal teas are always ready for you downstairs. The centre recommends you relax with them for some time afterwards to maximise the recuperative benefits. There are seats and comfortable beanbags in the reception area where you are welcome to enjoy your drink. Where does the experience take place? London W2. What should I wear? Please feel free to wear casual comfortable clothing to arrive in however it is recommended that you don't wear swimwear whilst in the floatation session as the sensation of your swimming costume can detract from the experience. How long should I allow for this experience? Please allow approximately 3 hours

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