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Teach children a new meaning of Memorial Day
Memorial Day is marked as a federal holiday in the US to honor those people who laid their lives for some cause. Children generally take it as another holiday which marks the beginning of summer fun. Won't it be better to introduce them to the true meaning of this day?

Make them understand the deeper meaning and importance of Memorial Day by explaining why it is important to remember those men and women who sacrificed their lives while fighting for the country. Explain how those brave men fought the battle and died for a cause so that the future generation could live with pride.

Introduce them to the Memorial Day Internet Treasure Hunt through which the children will go through internet and search more about Memorial Day. Some such sites are ,,, .

Encourage children to read the lives of all those great people who are honored on Memorial Day. Ask them to explore the various activities organized to commemorate the day. Such an effort will not only inform them about the occasion but it will also be a good learning experience for everybody and a great way to celebrate Memorial Day!

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