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Fayetteville truly turns Memorial Day into a memorable event
The last Monday of May is known as Memorial Day in the US and the day is marked as a holiday to honor the soldiers. This year the town of Fayetteville has planned to celebrate the Military Appreciation Event by the name of "31 Days of Glory" - a month with several patriotic attractions and events.

Since Fayetteville is America's first Military Sanctuary, the citizens here did not feel it proper to thank those who laid their lives for the country on a particular day only, the citizens of Fayetteville came up with this unique idea. Celebrations have already begun and will be on full swing during the whole month of May to thank all the soldiers, vets and their families.

During this month-old celebration, you will get an opportunity to have hands-on approach by making Blue Star Banners, to enjoy with a Living History Demonstration and other events like photographs, exhibitions, orchestra, etc. You will also get to hear war hero, Chester Biggs. Log on to and know more about the dates, events, time and venue.

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